Tennessee Computer Doctors offers a wide-range of services. Perhaps most obviously, we repair all major brand and custom-built computers. We also perform upgrades, general maintenance, troubleshooting, design and planning, installation and support. We service and install printers and other peripherals and software applications as well. We are highly skilled in the manual removal of viruses, malware, rogue applications and other threats that are so prevalent today. Board-level repair and data recovery services are also offered and performed 100% in-house.

We are also an OEM custom-system builder and will design computers to meet and exceed your needs. Custom PC design can be beneficial not only for large commercial installments, but also for family computers, gamers, CAD applications, servers and proprietary installments. Routine maintenance contracts are available for both residential and commercial clients. For our larger-scale clients, infrastructure design, planning and implementation are also offered. Resource planning, consulting and project management are among our specialties.

In addition to the above mentioned services, we offer a customized, off-site backup solution that is HIPAA, SOX, GLBA and SEC/NASD compliant. We can help your company meet and exceed compliance mandates by providing secure data transfer/storage using 256-bit AES encryption that prevents tampering, alterations and unauthorized access with date- and time-stamped data access by each user. Our clients are given 24x7 data access via any broadband connection to their backup solution.

VoIP and business telecom solutions are also among our service offerings. Please contact us to help identify your company’s solution needs so we can help you reach your goals.